Changelogs for version 3.1.68

To review changelogs for version 3.1.68, please check following table. You will be able to look all features, improvements and bug-fixes between all releases.


Checking of conditions taken into account for showing certain options in IPS raw detail​

Version 3.1.68
Improvement Added dot11_status = ASSOCIATED on message with snmp-stats.
Improvement Added dot11Status on meraki processor based on SRC field.
Improvement rb_check with external scripts
Feature New metrics for hadoop resource manager
Feature Access Points SNMP scanner at Proxy
Feature Updated pgpool to V3_5_STABLE
Feature [COMMUNITY] Disable Claim Sensor for Community version
Feature Update to unicorn because of puma memory leak
Fix Protect timestamp on rb_event processor
Fix [COMMUNITY] Disable Platform Alerts
Fix When importing a tree file with blank spaces in the file name, it fails
Fix data_to_client_proxy_* is executing before process that save data into node
Fix [COMMUNITY] Error showing namespaces rules at edit sensor view
Fix The time series origin queries is different on the same view
Fix [COMMUNITY] Disable Social -> Trends
Fix [COMMUNITY] Cannot access https://x.x.x.x./settings on community version
Fix [COMMUNITY] Error rendering composition report view
Fix [COMMUNITY] Error rendering tree sensor view
Fix Error rendering reports index
Fix Add a section in support page to access to "how to use"
Fix Can access on monitor on the sensor nodes cluster name.
Version 3.1.68-1
Improvement Add index to rgt column in sensors
Improvement NMSP mac and hash info of a cluster by API Query
Feature Change of puma to unicorn
Feature [COMMUNITY] Disabling NMSP configuration
Feature Deletion of S3 file after an ImportTreeJob.
Feature New API method to create/update access points for WLC/MERAKI
Fix Need to increase http timeout values in barnyard2.conf
Fix Need to increase http timeout values
Fix Control log size for radius. Directory /var/log/freeradius/radacct
Fix  Expand load step for tiles, minor fixes on aps
Fix Remove unassigned count for floor sensor
Fix Protecting mac addresses from having empty spaces when importing them
Fix Fix Assign to Zone button visual error
Fix Updates last check in value when receiving APs from proxy
Fix Error at Access Points last check in tooltip
Fix Protect APs to be without sensor and switch
Fix Error about Platform Alerts
Fix Restoring location module
Fix New widget columns and filters problem
Fix When you update the bounds of a location in edit view, the changes are not saved.
Fix Solution of several conflicts at rbcharts
Fix Responsive design in comparative views
Fix Error rendering social module
Fix Check NMSP user permissions
Version 3.1.68-2
Feature Backup and restore corezk node to recover full system at the cloud
Version 3.1.68-3
Feature Creation of backup metadata every day (5 copies)
Fix Fixed several minor bugs on restore on AWS
Fix Error loading APs Map when there is no floor image
Fix Error on tree when displaying a children with a Flow Sensor
Fix IPS-Generic: Configuration changes aren't applied if policy rules doesn't change
Fix Inclusion into config.txt data related to location enrichment and filling of group_uuid column
Fix Barnyard is getting timeouts with librb-http
Version 3.1.68-4
Fix Issue on client proxy when it runs on AWS (debugging) with loopback interface
Fix  Chef OHAI plugin doesn't take correct domain in some cases
Fix  Metrics deleted on Community version
Version 3.1.68-5
Improvement Default user of the web interface
Improvement  IPS-Generic: Verbose output of rb-register init script
Improvement  Improve boot time to install cluster
Improvement  Improve init scrit performance and speed up installation
Improvement Reduce space for cookbooks if erchef is not enabled
Improvement Remove bookshelf directory because it needs 512 MB not used anymore once it is installed
Improvement Creation of references based on SID number
Feature rb_sysconf option to replace SSL certificate in nginx
Feature Add checking of dead middlemanager tasks to rb_check
Fix Raw - Create a widget: "Save / Save and go..." doesn't works
Fix Impossible to register a IPS Sensor with different domain than redborder.cluster
Fix Community: druid_realtime fails
Fix Community: Wrong permissions in rb_rails
Fix Community: geodb cookbook - files not found
Fix  Missing Yara policy list
Fix Error at /opt/rb/bin/
Fix Fix IMAGE_PATH for MarkerClustererPlus
Fix MarkerCluster icon is gone
Fix Ball widget's text is showed very small with Firefox
Fix Monitor Categories duplicated per sensor type.
Fix Link to alarm's show action in emails
Fix IPS-Generic: Domains with blank spaces causes error in barnyard2.conf file
Fix Error related to Audits
Fix Fix check_alarms_job.rb
Fix The "always show text" in the ball widgets does nothing
Fix Sensor IPS and Snort generic don't send any event to manager Live


Offset is added twice to the limit in Druid "paginated" queries
Fix Vertical letters on view "Cluster Settings"
Fix Error when assigning ET rules to IPS sensor
Fix NullPointer in rb-social
Fix Default columns in RAW/Tops/Unique/Compare
Fix Horizontal bar widgets are rendered twice
Fix When the WLC reboot nmspd reconnect but it doesn't send subscripton request
Fix nprobe NULL memory access
Fix Hadoop tasks haven't got interval in indexing view
Fix  Error in indexing view
Fix  Review peaks on nmsp stats. Split distribution problem
Fix rb_get_brokers.rb is not working correctly
Fix [CISCO] Default gravatar not working
Fix IDS sensor doesn't configured properly after be claimed
Fix Problem exporting/importing sensors tree from redBorder sensors
Fix Fast Search does not use Time Machine
Fix Default avatar is not working
Version 3.1.68-6
Improvement Use snort rules version by default from web ui
Improvement Once a dashboard is created, imported... redirect to that dashboard
Improvement update snort to
Fix geodb cookbook fails in community
Fix  Absolut dashboard fail when its shared
Fix  The table length in a report can't be preserved in the pdf/email
Fix  Sometimes RAW table widget headers get duplicated
Fix  Creating a Dashboard widget from Tops
Fix  If graphOpts is not passed the widget breaks
Fix  client.pem set empty for IPS registered in Live after restart rb-register
Fix  Report: Single Unique widget with the option "Previous period" and "Day over Day" doesn't work
Fix  Report: TOP-Table widget is not saved at report
Fix  Background Image for Fixed Position dashboard doesn't work
Fix  Issue in in client proxy
Fix  The email alarms has wrong picture warning
Fix  Bad column in "Events by severity" widgets
Fix  Unique view fails when using 'Group by' in Traffic module
Fix  Error importing dashboards between managers with different versions
Fix  Disable CBC ciphers in nginx
Fix  Time machine slider does not work if time_machine_now is not present
Fix  No data in graph last1
Fix  When a report widget is reload, the legend is broken
Fix  Horizontal / Vertical bars are rendered twice in reports
Fix rb-workers fails after update system
Fix  Wrong granularity for new tabs on Monitor app
Fix  When you create a widget with a certain fields, It appear in blank
Fix  Error generating a Tops Serie Report
Fix  Event rules are not applied in Generic Snort
Fix Error registering an IPS Generic
Fix  Problem filtering on monitor tab selecting and the press Filter button
Fix  Incorrect English message when a search has no results
Fix  Include header to file
Fix  [VULN] Limit creation of symbols (monitor category)
Fix  [VULN] Sanetize report's title
Fix  Dashboard export does not export in JSON
Fix  should_drop and cant_drop are selectable when a rule is expanded at policy's configuration.
Fix  [VULN] SQL Injection in /sensors/xxx/view
Fix  [VULN] Access to system files using path traversal
Fix [VULN] Creation of widgets in HTML
Fix  [VULN] Command injection in /objects/new
Fix  Community can be only alphanumeric name and - and _
Fix  Do not allow table raw widgets without columns
Fix  Exporting to CSV only filtered rules instead of the whole ruleset
Fix Admin email is sent to super users
Version 3.1.68-7
Improvement Checking of conditions taken into account for showing certain options in IPS raw detail
Task Disabling R features
Feature Set new ssl cert file to web access (front-end)
Feature Set new ssl cert file to web access (backend)
Fix Verification error in client proxy registering process (workaround)
Fix  Disk occupation growing issue
Fix  Set igb RSS value to 0 for an automatic managing of queues
Fix  Signature rules action change must only affect to filtered rules
Fix  Received duplicated alarms by email
Fix  rb-register doesn't finish register process
Fix  privileges issue on IPS event detailed view
Fix  Checking the read permissions before cloning a dashboard
Fix  Unfolding tree does not redirect the user if the sesion has expired
Fix Wrong behaviour when cloning a shared dashboard
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