Requet a new license for enterprise edition (global mode)

Request a new license for your installed redBorder enterprise edition (global mode) is very easy.

Once you have installed and configured your redBorder enterprise edition, you need to go to the menu 'Tools' -> 'Licenses'


 In this section, look for the 'Request license' button:


The set values for your new request, for example:


  • Name: Name for your company or organization.
  • Email: Your email requesting the license. This is for the reply-to.
  • MB/day: This is for storage purpose, and it is calculated from your order.
  • FLOW Sensors: Number of flow sensors (netflow v5/9/10, IPFix, FNF).
  • IPS Sensors: Number of IPS sensors (redBorder snort based sensor).
  • Social Sensors: Number of social sensors (twitter based sensor).
  • VAULT Sensors: Number of Syslog sensors (rfc 3164 and 5424).

Once your request has been processed, you will receive a license file license-*.lic with support for requested sensors, date period and MB/day requested in your order.

Then you only need to upload the file:


Your new license will be ready to use.

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