Standards support and adherence

Standards support and adherence

Standards support and adherence

In opposition to redBorder IPS were we manage both the probe and the collector, redBorder Flow has to support external probes in order to be a relevant product. While Netflow v5 is for sure the de facto standard for network monitoring, there are many others that compliment or enhance Netflow v5.

The list of supported protocols at this moment is very Cisco centric, as most of its validation has been done in Cisco Labs in San Carlo (CA) but others will follow very soon:

  • Cisco’s Netflow v5, v9 and Flexible Netflow based on nTop’s nProbe.
  • sFlow and IPFIX (Work In Progress).
  • Cisco’s Application and Visibility Control for Layer 7 traffic identification (in a next release we expect to support Palo Alto and Sonicwall L7 capabilities).

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