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Welcome to redBorder IPS! Starting today, download and enjoy this new version of integrated security events through our management system, redBorder Horama: our Big Data-based platform which has been set up completely customizable so that you can offer advanced solutions to your needs. It manages thousands of events per second from a single simple and friendly interface.

Join us as we head towards absolute visibility. Are you ready?

What's new in redBorder IPS?
Protect your network is protect your business

rB IPS is an Open Source IPS/IDS system which is enable to digest thousands of events per second, offering you absolute visibility.
Monitor, analyze and detect threats before they become attacks.

redBorder IPS is one of the Apps that are integrated in Horama ecosystem. A Big Data-based framework and Cloud ready.
Obtain in Real Time all the information that you need to control and analyze your network traffic displayed through visual, customizable and user friendly dashboards and metrics.



Feel the control and the confidence of a safety network
Discover the new enhancements that will help you have the most control over what happens in your network

  • Capacity optimization and management, filtering thousand events per second.
  • Improved performance of Snort sensors thanks to pf_ring and pf_ring zero copy.
  • Sending events for mass treatment through Apache Kafka.
  • Optimized management of scalable security policies for thousands of probes, while maintaining the power and flexibility of the previous version.
  • Creation of policies for segment specific security.
  • Improvement of probe monitoring: monitor dozens of parameters to optimize performance.

All these new features are incorporated into the features that made the previous version a unique solution: advanced multi-management, workflow security policies, centralized management, etc.

Still not convinced? Keep reading, you may be surprised ...


redBorder IPS is managed on a single platform for all your events: redBorder Horama
Extraordinary rich and correlated information that provides real network and user knowledge in Real-Time

What is redBorder Horama? It is a platform from which all tasks can simplify analysis and network monitoring thanks to its completely visual and friendly graphical interface.

We have improved the usability of redBorder Horama so do not miss all of the latest updates!

  • Personalize your dashboards with new filters and widgets: whether you need technical information like analytics, or your needs are more oriented towards business strategies.
  • Events are shown through metrics, heat maps, traffic flows, etc.
  • Get periodic reports: You can choose from a number of defaults, or you can select the data you want to analyze and make your own custom reports.
  • Fully schemaless: clean, reusable and flexible data.



redBorder Horama is the basis for a more comprehensive and powerful ecosystem. This is the backend that manages, monitors, stores, correlates and unifies the information received from each of the applications redBorder IPS and redBorder Flow.

Stay tuned for all of the latest on our website because in the upcoming months we will be integrating two more Apps into this ecosystem: redBorder Malware and redBorder Vault.


Unprecedented flexibility
Implement your IPS Community System according to your needs

Enjoy a complete IPS solution that can adapt to any scenario which grows according to your needs.

  • Commodity hardware and Cloud enviroments: Implements the solution in your own physical or virtual appliances as well as in Cloud environments: AWS and Open Stack.
  • Advanced and integrated vision with other sources through its open API can assist in the development of your own applications that enhance and complement the Horama ecosystem.
  • Under Open Source licenses: working to improve freedom, transparency and speed innovation.


For any size network
From enterprise to fairs, events even a city

The power of redBorder IPS, combined with the simplicity of its integrated management system, redBorder Horama, makes this the ideal solution to meet the needs of a large corporation or a service provider.

Furthermore, it is so versatile, simple and inexpensive that it can adapt to the needs of an SMB or used in an academic field.

We hope that you enjoy our redBorder IPS!

Don't hesitate in participate in our Community forums and GitHub. We will appreciate your suggestions and comments!



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