Using the redborder support center

We want to get to know you! Register on our support platform and enjoy our advice!

As in real life, before we start talking we have to introduce ourselves, right? You already know us, but we still know little about you :)

To create support cases and to track them, you must open a user account on our support site. It's very simple. You don’t need to fill out endless forms. You only need to enter a username and your email, which will be used to verify the account.

In just 4 steps you can register on our support platform and start working with us side by side:

1) Click the Sign in button, located on the top menu bar, then you will see the login page.

2) Now select the option New to redBorder?>Sign up to access our new user registration.

3) Enter your name, email and the text in the image (used as a protective measure).


4) If the process is successful, you will receive an email with a link that lets you set a password for your account.

Welcome to redborder!
Starting now, you can enter the support area using your email and password you've set up in the registration process.

Let’s talk ...

We’re sure you want to see how this all works. Well, we invite you to not stand at the door but to come into our house.

To access the support platform, as in the registration process, click the Sign up button located on the menu bar, which will take you to the registration page.

Enter your email and password and voila! You're inside. On this page there are multiple options that, surely, are useful for you before or after registration: password recovery, remain registered or modify your password.

Manage your credentials: retrieve or change password

If you have forgotten your password, you can use the Forgot my password option to access the retrieval process. You will be asked to enter your email address, and then you’ll receive a message in your inbox with a link that lets you enter your new password.



At any moment you can change your password by going to the menu located in the image of the account, above right.

When you click Change password the page will be displayed for you to change your password.

Time to get down to work: your first support case

This sounds more complicated than it really is. Trust us.
Once you have entered into the Support page, you can create new support cases, go over the ones that you've already created, as well as the cases related to your organization, if you belong to one.

To create new support cases, you have several options:

  • email:
  • Web support form
  • Feedback lateral tab Support located in the redborder management site.

I’m new at this, how I can send a request via web form?

You're browsing our support and suddenly you find the Submit a request option. What is this for? It’s so you can open a case quickly and easily.

Here are the steps you must take to create a case from the web form:

1) Select Submit a request in the menu bar of the support platform.
2) If you are not registered on the website, please sign up through the process explained before.
3) Enter a brief explanation of the case (Subject) as well as all the information necessary to specifically define the question or issue (Description).
4) Select Priority if it is needed.
5) 'Client field' can be left blank, unless you belong to an organization such as a manufacturer or integrator (not final customer).
6) Select Submit to send the support request.

At the time of sending the request, you will receive a confirmation notice by email.

Your request will then be reviewed by an agent, usually a Tier1group agent, which is a part of the support team responsible for receiving all requests and taking care of them or putting them on top of the priority list, according to the content of the case.

When any change or action is made on your case, you will be notified by email. At any moment you can check the status and content of your case by accessing the support site.



I have to add attachments, and now what?

Do not panic;)

You can add any attachment to your case that does not exceed 20 Mb. To do this select the Add file option. A common situation is when you have to attach files or log files generated by the 'rb_info' tool.

If the attachment exceeds 20 MB, you must request an ftp account to upload files. You can use the support system for that request.

I prefer to send an email with my case

Most likely you have your email open all day, so this may be one of the most convenient ways to contact us.
It is very easy: send us an email with your request to

Use the same content you would use for the web form, i.e., the email subject and content would correspond to the subject and description of the web form. In this case you can send attachments just as you would with any email.

You will receive an email reply with a summary of the details of your case and the support number that has been assigned, so you can keep track of it from our support website.

I'm browsing redborder and need support

Don’t worry, no need to open more windows in your browser.
You can also create support cases through the Support tab to see all redborder interfaces in the lower right corner of your screen.


As in previous cases, the support system will generate a confirmation email that lets you know the case number created and begin to interact with the support team.

Retrace your steps when you want: Checking support cases

As a user support service, you can access the page and review support cases you have created whenever you need it.

Whenever you access your support area (once you've created the first case) you will find an icon named My Activities. You’ve guessed it: from here you can access your activities in the support page, mainly cases in-progress and ones we have already addressed.



Once you access My Activities, you can see the cases and contributions:


If you belong to an organization, you can see the cases relating to the organization by clicking on Organization requests.


Click on a case to see all the contributions that you have made since you opened it, and additional information-this will be very useful to know if your case has been pushed to the top (priority), or is in the process of being resolved (status), etc.


Status of a case

The status options that your case can go through are: Open ('Open'), Unresolved ('Pending') or Resolved ('Solved').

  • For example, a newly opened case that is waiting for information or a solution from us will remain 'Open'.
  • If we request information from you or the result of a particular action, the case would go to 'Pending' waiting to receive your feedback.
  • If the case is considered solved, it will proceed as 'Solved.’ However, in this status, if you believe your issue or question still isn’t resolved, you can keep it in the open status by adding any updates to it.

But be careful! There is a time limit for you to reopen your case. After 4 days of being in the ‘Solved’ status, the case will close automatically (status 'Closed') so new updates won’t be accepted. However, it’s possible to continue with the same issue by creating a new case concerning this problem.

Do you want to hear something great? You can "connect" both cases by using the Follow-up option located at the bottom of the case.



For me this is already solved...

At any moment you yourself can determine that the ticket or case is resolved by clicking a check next to Please consider this request solved that you will find next to the button Add reply. This option appears when you click inside the box to add a new comment.

This manual has been very useful, but I still have some questions

Do you still have questions? Well, don’t leave without resolving them.

It is in our nature to answer all the questions you have, so if you still need some clarification, you can test your knowledge of our support platform by opening a new case, and send us all those questions that have been left unanswered.

You can also send a message to

As you can see, you have many ways to contact us, so don’t be shy. We are waiting for your comments!


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