Changelogs for version 3.1.38

To review changelogs for version 3.1.38, please check following table. You will be able to look all features, improvements and bug-fixes between all releases.


Version 3.1.38
Improvement View Access Points
Improvement "Improve menu manager, sensor view and navigation"
Improvement Change bar style fro monitors impact
Improvement "[API] Change ""status"" query return field to ""query"""
Improvement Use the same process as cloned policies for naming cloned reputation policies
Improvement Increase number of caracters for authtoken for new users
Improvement Recalculate AP position if it belongs to a located floor
Improvement "Change name columns of building, market..."
Improvement [API] Change :sensor_id to :sensor_uuid
Feature Privileges sensors must be checked by UUIDs instead of names
Feature Add enrichment posibilities for rb-monitor
Feature New information included at rb-social config file
Feature Hide deploy menu on sensors
Feature Create new Meraki sensor type
Feature Set Druid timeout configurable
Feature Proccess meraki stream with n2klocd
Feature Get all mse/flow sensors from a domain
Feature Deletion of 1..N APs by it's mac address
Feature Deletion of all APs in a domain and subdomains
Feature Add meraki view
Feature Preload path of a sensors
Feature Change tiles title to access points
Feature AP override
Feature Delete Rbsearch_*_json methods
Feature Delete nodes on tree with ajax instead of reloading page
Feature Add uuid to sensors
Feature Assign floor to selected access points
Feature Disable validations of uniqueness name for almost all type of sensors
Feature Test integration of sensor's uuid as id (Web & Core)
Feature Change uuid to string type
Feature [API] AP override
Fix Improve 500 error
Fix Add enrichment posibilities for barnyard2
Fix Delete Search[FLOW|IPS|...]
Fix Problem showing sensor table
Fix Problem with decimals on monitor module when load more
Fix Not showing historical ocupation
Fix Sensor widget is not well tabulated
Fix Sensor tree menus for namespace domain
Fix Support #5082: problem with updating policies
Fix Api data doesn't send full query
Fix Change current user methods references
Fix Set sensor to top domain when create sensors
Fix Scatterplot doesnt work on Flow
Fix "When clicking in the + icon on Advanced Search, it adds two rows instead of one"
Fix Start Time and End Time use seconds at Advanced Search
Fix Sort Column on Raw fails.
Fix "When creating a widget, it still does a lot of queries about sensors"
Fix Add domain and domain menu isn't display meraki icon
Fix Undefined sensor_children_view_9 (Meraki sensors)
Fix Fix size of icons on dropdown menu
Fix Window links should delete time filters
Fix Problem limiting queries to api
Fix Error seen on nimbis logs file
Fix Floor selector is not shown propertly
Fix Edit Access Point row when update or relocate
Fix Support #5080: error 500 when generating report pdf
Fix Filter by src and dst in flow or ips tops
Fix erratic if condition in sensors#override_all
Fix "Columns conversation, scatterplot, src_map, dst_map and coordinates_map"
Fix Fix Info Window format when creating Access Point
Fix Validate if access point has floor or switch
Fix Comparative filters
Fix Error on sensor tree view
Fix Load tab
Fix Sensor tree privileges
Fix Add several sensors types to datasource models
Fix Change datasource references based on namespaces uuid
Fix Support #5086: View Rule on IPS event details has to be more exact.
Fix Error when selecting default datasource
Fix "If uuid is asigned to created sensor, dont overwrite it."
Fix Error when render widgets
Fix Error detecting aps
Version 3.1.38-3
Improvement Floor map widget has may SQL queries
Improvement Improve sensor tree and map widget
Feature Disable move cursor on widgets when dashboard is locked
Feature [API] senors#tree to give all sensors from user's top domain if no domain was specified
Feature Add rake task to update sensor's uuid and user's active_data_sources
Fix Reset active data_sources when change sensors
Fix Client widget has a white line
Fix "When percent is 0%, the color of the text is red"
Fix Error when edit a widget with filters
Fix When change map type to satellite it isn't change
Fix "When load a map widget, the action on flow changes to map"
Fix Error when load columns for a widget form
Fix Square doesn't apply background-color and opacity
Fix "When we are hover on a widget, we must force z-index to be on top"
Fix Grouped unique must have the number of elements to show
Fix "Widget style for client map. It should have one pixel less, the border is not shown propertly"
Fix Sensor and cluster widgets haven't got preview photos
Fix Sensor widget don't delete loading... when retrieve children
Fix Error when export a dashboard with an image widget and background
Fix Error with cluster widget
Fix "When share a dashboard without permissions, widget toolbar hasn't got reload entry"
Fix An user without manage privileges can't move widgets
Fix Error when clone dashboards
Fix Error when clone a widget and set it another dashboard
Fix Create rake task to update report blocks to widgets
Fix Changed api query output format after update ruby druid gem
Fix barnyard2 does not start in version 3.1.38
Fix Problem with decode as MSE directive on n2klocd
Fix Fix undefined method on widget click detail url
Fix Error at /api/v1/sensors
Fix "When convert a dashboard to report, map widgets aren't converted"
Fix Error when export a sensor tree
Fix Error on grouped_unique widgetds
Fix [API] Naming mismatch between tree and override
Fix Send limit from widgets based on number of elements
Version 3.1.38-4
Improvement Simplify update proccess per version with some updates scripts
Feature Rename sensor_id column on Druid to sensor_uuid
Fix Adapt email template to Cisco UI
Fix Create domain indicating the UUID
Fix Fix API methods to allow that APs can belongs to any domain type
Fix Report image is not displayed on mail
Fix Error upgrading from version 3.1.23 to 3.1.38-3
Version 3.1.38-5
Improvement nprobe must accept a parameter that indicates if sensor is in span mode or not
Improvement Add home net for ipv6 and priorize home net over netflow message
Improvement Problem production.log is growing too fast because of queries
Improvement rb_enrich does not discard null enrichment input in sql table
Feature Be able to filter by commented rule or not
Feature Add at the web a checkbox to select it is span or not
Feature Change binding networks/VLAN to a form
Feature New association method for IPS and Gateway sensors.
Feature Recover search and show as a magnifying glass
Feature Allow same name for IPS sensors if they are at differents domains.
Feature Create a rake task to update redborder objects
Feature Filter IPS data by group_uuid for non super admin users
Fix n2kafka is getting sensor_name from stream name
Fix Error on location
Fix Timeseries of zones are not displayed
Fix NMSP null pointer exception
Fix Problem adding gps markers over different maps
Fix "If there's no AccessPoint stored for a mac address, cache mac_address instead of N/A as name"
Fix Fix heatmap widget. The APs are not displayed in some setups
Fix Search macs at Track client doesnt works.
Fix Adding monitor on WLC sensor and they don't appear on rb-monitor config file
Fix Darklist Category series are not displayed correctly
Fix Make the view raw dialog wider
Fix Export to csv
Fix Widgets: Grouped unique blocks doesn't show data correctly
Fix New button for raw tables granularities
Fix Error calculating matrix of translation after create GPS Marker
Fix Load cardinality table
Fix Error seeing previous window on time series (for flow-top)
Fix rb_enrich was not enriching mac vendors OK
Fix Widgets: Blocks with line serie type doesn't show graph legend correctly
Fix Error on override_all API method
Fix Wireless id is not shwoing on this version
Fix Error associating gateway sensor
Fix Error at get_serie method for malware
Fix rb_enrich used memory is growing
Fix Exclude filter does not work
Fix The web say '38-4' when it is a 38-5 version
Fix Comparative get_serie method
Fix Problem on source initialize method
Fix Comparative table queries
Fix Error while downloading rule source in a upgraded manager from 3.1.23
Version 3.1.38-6
Feature Include rb_state for ap enrichment
Fix Export to csv default columns in the modal view
Fix General info js problems
Fix Service provider is not included for indexing on druid and on enrichment
Fix Alerts after create/delete a zone
Fix New access points are not append to the table
Fix Sensor views for social or meraki don't stop loading if you serach by 'All'
Fix Chart types if stacked bars is selected
Fix Error locating ap on meraki
Fix "When delete a domain, users are sent to the parent"
Fix Show meraki sensors on access point modal form
Fix On override_all API method move aps if the user has permissions
Fix Wrong reference require at malware product
Fix Error Mick on api overwrite
Fix Error on users when Flow module isn't available
Fix Error location module at web page
Fix Locate AP js errors
Fix Print cache for rb-enrich is wrong
Fix Memory leak on rb-enrich
Fix "When importing tree, trans and offset matrix are no calculated"
Fix Fix users without sensor assigned
Version 3.1.38-7
Feature Added reindexing scripts
Fix Error when move a domain to another
Fix New CCS for cisco give dmidecode output different than expected
Fix Change NotifyManager on NMSP to support sending notifies to a specific sensor.
Fix Error at Community IPS version when doing rake assets:precompile
Fix Error at Community IPS with RedBorder::LicenseModules references
Fix Access Points with related domains that doesnt exists
Fix Wrong url adding a custom time period
Fix Span port is not created at nprobe_config file
Fix Map - Track client problem
Fix Access Point action over not found AP fails
Version 3.1.38-8
Feature New select function to update ap info from database
Feature [Cisco] Add UUIDs tabs
Fix nprobe is not guessing client_mac properly via home
Fix Nprobe bad client mac detection for not span port
Fix race condition in pf_ring module
Fix Memory leak cause stop enrichment
Fix Solve because it use temporal dir on wrong hd
Fix Incoherence between tree and override_all format methods
Version 3.1.38-9
Improvement Merge new API backend (routes are the same)
Feature "Make sensor options available via api like snmp, nmsp, ....."
Fix Error when try to recover an user password
Fix setting debug level before parsing config file in rb-monitor
Fix Unique - add table after select a zoom area in the graph
Fix Try to filter by a selected area in a graph (Filter Zoom option)
Version 3.1.38-10
Feature Update name of class from *Mock to *Stub
Feature Give preference to /var/lib/cloud/data/cfn-userdata than userdata
Fix All packets are being tx in queue 3 (or another random) in igb driver
Fix View IPS Sensors
Fix Config timeout for druid request through the API
Fix Error when create a new MSE sensor
Fix IP/Port vars should not contain spaces between commas
Fix Meraki sensors view - undefined method 'secondary_name'
Fix Method missing in sensors view
Version 3.1.38-11
Fix Error when IPS sensor download an empty file
Fix rb_sysconf does not permit to introduce in the IPS the manager target based on domain instead of IP address
Fix "When retrieve info from IPS, it must be initialized by his ID instead of name"
Fix "When change sensor type to namespace, active modules isn't initialized"
Fix Error on alarm form
Version 3.1.38-12
Fix Flow Map view returns an Error 500
Fix Protect hostname with multiples _ and userdata
Fix puma process is running with root user instead of rb-webui
Fix Fix tests to don't need chef
Fix Check queries for comparative views
Fix Fix reindexing script with large json files
Fix Recreate Private Key for IPS sensors fails.
Fix Users section returns an Error 404 when a domain is deleted and was asigned previously as Top Domain of an user
Fix User can't be deleted. Error 500.
Fix Support #5216: columns order creating widget
Fix Error when render a floor_map widget and the floor doesn't exist
Fix Support #5201: Issue sorting IPS events by time
Fix Error on Sensors IPS view
Fix When session expired, if you open a modal its show login HTML
Fix Error when retrieve an inexistent AP from API (CSV format)
Version 3.1.38-13
Fix rb_get_raw get stucked when a query returns 0 results
Fix Error while associating a sensor IPS
Fix Nprobe is not sending proper UTF-8 strings
Fix Comparative series for past period times if there are no data right now
Fix Support #5225: Bug in script
Fix Filter zoom is not working propertly
Fix Comparative intervals for past events
Fix Update redBorder cluster update to ensure pgpool is up and running before upload cookbooks
Fix Support #5231: Visible rows info mismatched in IPS view
Fix rb_get_raw is not escaping backslash characters
Fix Monitor impact bar is not showed on modal
Fix Error deleting all access points
Fix Error when delete an IPS binding or group from edit view
Fix Support #5200: Reputation list reload cause inconsistence
Fix Support #5220: monitor view doesnt works
Feature Create Job which repair corrupt/incomplete process
Feature Support #5197: Detailed time of events in raw view
Improvement Updated pgpool to last stable 3.4.3
Improvement Retry query if the response is an empty array
Improvement Snort should reload via control socket, instead of use SIGHUP signal
Improvement Use an human readable presentation in u2boat
Version 3.1.38-14
Fix Reputation rules error
Fix Error trying to change user password
Fix Chef client http_retry_count issue
Fix Error 500 when triying to log in
Fix Error when trying to rescue password
Fix Error creating a monitor widget
Fix Include erchef.crt file at /opt/rb/var/www/rb-rails/config
Fix Support #5255: postgres node seems to be disconnected from pgpool
Fix [IPS_V2] Include snort-variables.conf at snort.conf
Fix The ping monitors are currently on IPS monitor group. It should be on sensors monitor
Fix [IPS_V2] Rename /opt/rb/bin/ to /opt/rb/bin/rb_snort_iplist
Fix Support #5200: Restart snort when reputation rules exists
Fix DAQ is not printing initial software bypassed packets
Fix Software bypass is not working if some value is 65536
Fix Apply Conf view fails when Last Check In of sensor is 'false'
Fix [IPS_V2] Snort source and destination thresholds
Fix [IPS_V2] Default action
Fix Import/Export CSV in reputation policies
Feature [IPS_V2] Create steps to connect a ips v2 sensor to a manager v3
Feature [IPS_V2] Enable/Disable segments
Feature [IPS_V2] Create snort-variables.conf file
Feature [IPS_V2] Change snort mode
Feature [IPS_V2] Implement georeputation feature on IPS v2
Feature [IPS_V2] Implement
Feature [IPS_V2] rb_get_sensor_rules.rb
Feature [IPS_V2] Signature's Policies
Feature [IPS_V2] Reputation policies
Feature [IPS_V2] Segments where the ids/ips will listen to
Feature [IPS_V2] Implement update_chef_role_IPS_V2 method
Feature [IPS_V2] Monitors
Feature [IPS_V2] Association process
Feature [IPS_V2] Create Sensor
Improvement Software bypass should not check queued packets every sampling_rate if it is in bypass mode.
Improvement from local repo
Improvement PF_RING boost that retry send if there is no buffer enough
Support Support #5346: Disable the SSL 3.0 protocol in Nginx
Task Manage IPS reputation rules by Chef
Task Need to print software bypassed packets the same way as best-effort ids losts
Version 3.1.38-15
Fix Check status of bypass when switching bypass mode for IPS v2
Fix Wrong text about rule sources
Fix When a signature policy is modified changing actions, need_apply is not updated.
Fix When a reputation policy is updated, the check at Apply Conf is not checked by default
Fix View Policy doesnt works properly
Fix Enable/Disable segments for IPS V2
Fix Best effort logs aren't saved
Fix rb_cluster_update must disable yum proxy when use local repo
Fix Error with the new logo in navigation
Fix Error in IPS recipe for reputation.rules template
Fix Error parsing rules when sid is expresed like ";sid: xxx"
Fix Problem with encondig on configuration_update.html.erb file
Feature Disable View RAW for IPS V2 sensors.
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