Update redBorder cluster managers in version 3.1.38

You can update a redBorder cluster version 3.1.38-X (LTS) to the latest release using two ways:

1. Automatic update from internet repository (you need internet connection)

In the master node execute the script:

Which packages would you like to update:
1.- system packages
2.- redBorder packages
3.- both
4.- nothing
Choose an option:

You must choose option 2.

Next, the script will show us the order in which the node's cluster will be updated.

INFO: The following nodes will be updated in the following order:
* node1
* node2
* node3
* ...
Are you sure you want to continue? (y/N)

Select "yes" to start the update process.

2. Manual update

You can use a manual procedure using the iso image:

- Download and copy iso image into the master node

- Execute the script with the iso image as argument:

# /path/to/iso/redBorder-3.1.38-Y-x86_64-6.5-enterprise.iso

The update process will start.



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