Flow generation from CentOS 6.7



In order to install the flow generator, CentOS version 6.7 must already be installed.

Downloading and Installing the Flow Generator

First, we must install the flow generator dependencies. The first of these is scapy:

[root@rbmanager ~]# wget
[root@rbmanager ~]# yum install nmap
[root@rbmanager ~]# yum install python-setuptools && easy_install argparse
[root@rbmanager ~]# sudo rpm -vUh scapy-

The flow generator file must be downloaded from the following page:

If we are inside the terminal, we can execute the following commands to download the latest verion:

[root@rbmanager ~]# wget ^
[root@rbmanager ~]# sudo rpm -vUh pygennf-0.1-1_python26.noarch.rpm


Flow Generator

This flow generator consists of various files:

  • Generates type 10 netflow traffic
  • Generates type 5 netflow traffic
  • Generates type 9 netflow traffic

The utilization scheme is identical in all three cases: [-h] [-s SRC_IP] [-sp SRC_PORT] [-d DST_IP] [-dp DST_PORT] [-t TIME_INTERVAL]


  • -s SRC_IP, --source-ip SRC_IP: Source IP
  • -sp SRC_PORT, --source-port SRC_PORT: Source IP
  • -d DST_IP, --dst-ip DST_IP: Destination IP
  • -dp DST_PORT, --dst-port DST_PORT: Destination Port
  • -t TIME_INTERVAL, --time-interval TIME_INTERVAL: Wait time between messages


Examples of traffic generation:

[root@rbmanager ~]# python /usr/bin/ -s -d -t 2
Sends a type 5 netflow message with source IP and destination IP every two seconds.
[root@rbmanager ~]# python /usr/bin/ -s -sp 4080 -d -dp 2055
Sends a type 9 netflow message with source IP, source port 4080, destination IP and destination port 2055.
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