In redBorder we understand that new threats continually appear, and that what was safe at a given time may become vulnerable over time. That is why we at redBorder wanted to step forward with the creation of a Computer Security Incident Response Team: rBCSIRT. This team consists of experienced professionals who aim to work on improving the safety of redBorder projects and its scope of users which is primarily redBorder Community. We have defined two main lines of action: first, offer reactive services such as publishing security alerts and fixing security vulnerabilities affecting redBorder products. Moreover, we will develop proactive services: press releases and articles steered at preventing incidents through awareness and training. The goal of rBCSIRT is to become a recognized entity, in collaboration with redBorder Community, leading security projects, developing and facilitating solutions to eliminate vulnerabilities and mitigating possible negative effects. So, welcome to rBCSIRT!

RBSA redBorder Security Advisories